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Battalion Chief Richard Johnson
Engine 1
Captain J. Fulford
Engineer J. Feltman
FF. W. Hood
FF. A. Douglas
FF. B. Green
Ladder 1
Lieutenant W. Granger
Engineer W. Crolley
Engineer J. Cooke
FF. E. Young
FF. J. Platas
Rescue 1
Lieutenant R. Lossen
Engineer A. Frazier
Command Van
Engineer W. Taylor
Safety 1
Captain J. Williams
Battalion Chief Phillip Eddins
Engine 1
Lieutenant J. Dobson
Engineer C. Younger
FF. A. Reid
FF. M. Maloney
FF. R. Alexander
Ladder 1
Captain J. Reagor
Engineer W. Crabtree
Engineer T. Blackwell
FF. P. Crawford
FF. L. Skidmore
Rescue 1
Lieutenant M. Braddock
Engineer G. Owneby
Command Van
Engineer M. Brendle
Safety 1
Captain W. Estep
Battalion Chief Eugene Callahan
Engine 1
Lieutenant W. Carlson
Engineer H. Carrow
FF. C. Stover
FF. R. Haynes
Ladder 1
Lieutenant C. Geiger
Engineer B. Tibbets
Engineer P. Hagans
FF. K. Brown
FF. J. Isaacson
Rescue 1
Captain R. Gordon
Engineer A. Pace
Command Van
Engineer J. Morgan
Safety 1
Captain D. Blanton

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